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The SprachKraft-Voucher: a wonderful gift!

SprachKraft or Language Power makes the nearly perfect gift for a brilliant, talented, aspiring young person. Give the gift of Language Power to the graduate or researcher in your family! It is very simple with a SprachKraft voucher.

You can order your SprachKraft-Voucher right here and now. It is payable through PayPal and you will receive it straight away to print out or to pass on the the beneficiary - wonderful, is it not? And it comes in very handy if Christmas or the birthday of the person in question is just around the corner.

For the voucher or the following order form, you need Adobe's Acrobat Reader. You are extremely likely to have that program already, but just in case you don't, you can download it for free here:

get Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you've got time on your hands and would rather not use PayPal, you can download the order form as a pdf-file here and send the completed form to SprachKraft via e-mail or the postal service. If it is somewhat urgent, you can transfer the desired amount to our bank account straight away. If not, we will send you an invoice. Immediately after receipt of the money, we will send out your personalised voucher - by post or via e-mail, just as you wish.

But most of our clients find it much more convenient to order their voucher online through the following ...