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What the SprachKraft Clients Say

Passed with flying colors!

This is what some of the SprachKraft clients say, in their own words:


Daniela Rupp, Ph. D., Institute for Optics and Nuclear Physics at the Technical University of Berlin:

"SprachKraft has helped to make my doctoral thesis more readable and easier to understand. I have also greatly benefitted from the remarks about my writing. I believe that the increased general understandability thus created played an important role in winning two scientific awards http://www.pgzb.tu-berlin.de/index.php?id=626, https://www.dpg-physik.de/preise/preistraeger2015.html#SAMOP It has also been published as a book by now http://www.springer.com/de/book/9783319286471.

I am sure that SprachKraft will help many more scientists to overcome the English language 'hurdle'."


Adrien Fogain, Computer Specialist with a certificate from the Berlin Chamber of Commerce:

"SprachKraft was a great support in the finishing of my thesis to become a system administrator for computer networks.

The thesis had to be written and presented in German, which is not my mother tongue. SprachKraft proved to be of great help in finding the perfect German words and in simplifying the presentation of the background of my ideas.

My thesis was well-worded and formatted, I did a good job presenting it, and I received a good grade. I am very grateful to SprachKraft."