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What Language Power Will Bring You?

  • Better grades or ratings

  • More attention

  • A boost for your career

Eh? You want a more detailed, academic, lengthy version? Here it is:

Chances are you have been brooding over your work, could be your thesis, for months or even years in libraries and/or laboratories. You have been neglecting your private life, you see, hear, smell and taste your work and your work only.

Now imagine a rocket launch consisting of three stages:

Rocket Launch - Stage One:

  • There is someone at your side that might rediscover the enthusiasm you yourself once felt for your work until you somehow lost it.
  • Someone who wants to understand your "professional-ese" or lingo and the details of your work.
  • Someone who will make you more cheerful and relaxed - especially in the stressful phase when the deadline approaches. Someone who motivates you, so you turn in your work on time.
  • Someone who will help you to make an academically brilliant work also one that stands out linguistically.
  • Someone with whom you can rehearse whether you can talk about your work and explain its details. And someone with whom you can rehearse a presentation, academic defense, verbal exam, cross-examination etc.

    Rocket Launch - Stage Two:

    • You get a thesis/work/paper that is not only scientifically correct but also stands out with its language.
    • You get a work that receives excellent grades and will be talked about favorably by your colleagues.
    • You will present your work with ease, pass the academic defense, verbal exam, cross-examination etc. with flying colors.
    • You will be able to explain the details of your work to people outside your field.
    • Your work will be quoted often, it might even be published in scientific publications.